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  •  Consistency in laws- She believes that what is good for one, is good for all when it comes to laws in our city. There should be no favorites or any special rules for anyone. 
  • Community Engagement/ More Events for our residents of all ages- It's important to have a sense of community and keep that small town feel.  She knows the increasing development makes that challenging. That is why  she holds many events through her non-profit, Backpack Buddies for our children in the community. Such as; Schools Out Fest, Breakfast with Santa, and All ages Easter Egg Hunt Event. She would love to see events for our seniors, veterans and our families in Orange City. Let's get back to knowing our neighbors and supporting each other.
  • Spending Our Tax Dollars Responsibly- As a resident  herself and a homeowner,  she understands that none of us want to see tax increases. If there are increases in the future,  she believes the people of Orange City would just like to know where their money is going.  Her goal is to keep you all educated on that. This year, she is proud to say that we were able to stay at  a Roll Back. Although  our taxes are one of the highest in Volusia County, keep in mind that we are fortunate to have our own Police and Fire in our city. Unlike some cities  that contract that out.
  • Supporting Public Safety-Kelli has a very high regard for our Police Department and Fire Department. They work a lot of hours for very little money. They risk their lives for all of us. She supports initiatives to help make their job easier and safe for all.  She has family members who have served  for Fire and Police and that makes it dear to my heart.
  • Responds to Resident's Needs Quickly- Kelli has went to residents place of employment to hear concerns of  fellow residents, taking phone calls while being sick in bed, went on searches for lost dogs, had potholes filled on a holiday so that residents cars didn't  break from big potholes, and always returns phone calls or emails.
  • Smart and Responsible Development- We all know that growth is inevitable. It doesn't mean we have to like it. Kelli doesn't like the out of control growth that is happening in our city! She would love to have a conversation with you about this subject. One of the things that really she is passionate about in Orange City, is the history and keeping a small town feel. Unfortunately, the legislature has taken away our local powers to control development. And now we are seeing a rise in affordable housing apartments....THAT ARE NOT AFFORDABLE!
  • No Promises-Kelli will never promise something she can't deliver!  She has seen in the past politicians promise you something and then it never happens. She will tell you what she will try to do. Kelli gets the job done, when she puts her mind to it!

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